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The ultimate healthy Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide Pin It
Photo: Unsplash/Caroline Hernandez

Dads are the hardest to shop for. Notoriously low-maintenance (hello, V05 and a bar of soap in the shower), they don’t need much. And what they do require, they can just get themselves. So what do you buy, knowing that Father’s Day is less than a week away? Girl, we’ve got you.

The key to a perfect present is something useful, thoughtful, and a little unexpected. Rounded up here are 12 gifts that will not only show how much he means to you, but do something for his health, too. (Take that, last year’s Beer of the Month subscription.)

Scroll down for Father’s Day inspo, featuring things your pops will love—and actually use.

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If you want to up your dad’s grooming game even more, here are some other all-natural brands to consider. And, hey, since you’re so thoughtful, reward yourself with one of these trending activewear pieces.