Healthy highlights from the Summer Wellness Guide: August 1—7

Summer Wellness Guide

It’s Monday—time to scour the Summer Wellness Guide and make plans for a healthy, fun-filled week. We’ve made it easy for you with these boot camps, yoga classes, and outdoor workouts in the park and on the piers—many of them free!

Monday, August 1: Start the week hard with a 45-minute workout with Captain Quinn’s Fitness Bootcamp—your instructor will be the real deal—he created fitness regimens for the Air Force. Page 8.

Tuesday, August 2: Head west for a two-hour Intro to Kayaking lesson with New York Kayak company for an enjoyable evening on the Hudson, literally. Page 10.

Wednesday, August 3: Training for the marathon? Just feel like getting in an after-work jog? Join City Sports’ Rockefeller Center location for a free all-abilities run club. Page 12.

Thursday, August 4: Practice balance as you lay your mat on the grass for the evening with Central Park Yoga, a seasonal open-air studio. Page 5.

Friday, August 5: Shake up your Friday night with a free Hip Hop Dance Aerobics class at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Page 6.

Saturday, August 6: Summer Streets start today! Stroll down car-free Park Avenue or take advantage of free bike and rollerblade rentals, yoga, rock climbing, and more. Page 10.

Sunday, August 7: Cheer on fellow New Yorkers as they swim in the Hudson, bike up the West Side Highway, and run through Central Park in the Nautica New York City Triathlon. Page 19.

Need details? Download your free Summer Wellness Guide today! And share it with a friend.


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