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Healthy highlights from the Summer Wellness Guide: July 5—10

Summer Wellness Guide

Unfortunately, the holiday is over. Time to scour the Summer Wellness Guide and make plans to get back on track with a healthy, fun-filled week. We’ve made it easy for you with these boot camps, yoga classes, and outdoor workouts in the park and on the piers—many of them free!

Tuesday, July 5: Ease back into your week by grabbing some friends for a game of volleyball on the Hudson. Page 9.

Wednesday, July 6: Bring the whole family to Capoeira in the Park, just one of the many free fitness classes offered daily with Shape Up NYC. Page 6.

Thursday, July 7: Head to Brooklyn after work for a free yoga class in Prospect Park’s Long Meadow with Angela Arnold from Bend & Bloom. Page 4.

Friday, July 8: Celebrate the end of a short work week in a healthy way by enjoying an organic, seasonal meal at Community Food and Juice. Page 13.

Saturday, July 9: Kick off the weekend with the first week of The Beast, Chelsea Piers’ popular 8-week boot camp, which takes place outdoors during summer sessions. Page 7.

Sunday, July 10: Take a leisurely 20-mile ride through the parks and neighborhoods of Queens in the Tour de Queens. Page 18.

Need details? Download your free Summer Wellness Guide today! And share it with a friend.