Healthy highlights from the Summer Wellness Guide: June 27—July 3

Summer Wellness GuideIt’s Monday—time to scour the Summer Wellness Guide and make plans for a healthy, fun-filled week. We’ve made it easy for you with these boot camps, yoga classes, and outdoor workouts in the park and on the piers—many of them free!

Monday, June 27: Start the week with a bang by attending an evening Peace Core class on the High Line. This unique bootcamp combines marine core drills, kickboxing, and yoga. Page 8.

Tuesday, June 28: Grab some friends and head to Back Forty’s weekly Crab Boil, where you can dig into a mountain of fresh Blue Claw Crabs paired with corn-on-the-cob while enjoying the spacious, serene garden seating. Page 13.

Wednesday, June 29: Enjoy a relaxing evening yoga practice in Riverside Park to get you over the mid-week hump. Page 5.

Thursday, June 30: Instead of happy hour, learn the basics of Stand-Up Paddling at Manhattan Kayak before the sun sets. Page 9.

Friday, July 1: Kick off the holiday weekend with a belly dancing workout class in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Page 6.

Saturday, July 2: Heading out east? Bring your significant other or overworked best friend to a Beginners Yoga Series with Jessica Bellofatto at KamaDeva Yoga. Page 15.

Sunday, July 3: Run the Firecracker 10-Miler at Rockaway Beach in honor of Independence Day. ‘Cause baby you’re a firework! Page 18.

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