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Healthy hotspot Feelfood opens an outpost in Gansevoort Market

Feelfood at Gansevoort Market. (Photo: Feelfood)

Feelfood, the healthy West Village restaurant with a menu full of superfoods and Latin American flavor, is celebrating its first anniversary this month—by debuting an outpost in the brand-new Gansevoort Market this week.

The second location for the brand serves all-organic foods that are very similar to the original spot, with fresh juices, smoothies, and acai bowls, grab-and-go salads and chia puddings, and make-your-own quinoa bowls, salads, and wraps. Next month, it will also debut a create-your-own breakfast bar.

And it has a few healthy neighbors in the form of beverage brand Organic Gemini and a Greek yogurt bar, which is at least a start, considering the tiny peace of real estate given to healthy food brands in the upscale food courts, like Hudson Eats, that have been opening all over New York.

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