The guide to having your best—and healthiest—year yet

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This week on The Plus Factor, we’re getting ready to celebrate the (re)new year with five guest editors/brilliant minds in the wellness world. Their healthy daily advice will become your new habits for creating a great 2017.

Resolutions imply there’s something you need to change about yourself. And we think you’re pretty great as you are.

So, starting January 1, we’re focused on renewal. That means taking a moment to recognize your awesome habits, assessing where a reboot’s needed, and getting access to a whole next-level crop of healthy habits that you can carry into 2017—and beyond.

Welcome to your (Re)New Year plan: a daily series filled with actionable, and seriously life-enhancing advice, tips, videos, and recipes created by wellness luminaries.

To do that we’re passing the microphone to five brilliant wellness gurus—we’re talking seasoned pros across the fitness, beauty, and business industries and best-selling authors—who’ll be showing you how to kick off the year on the absolute best foot, every day of the week.

Meet the superstar experts spearheading your 2017 renewal plan each week:

Tracy Anderson: Stream workouts with the dance cardio pioneer, fitness mogul, and megabrand

Candice Kumai: Make clean-eating recipes with the Top Chef star, and cookbook author

Meena Harris: Get a boost with the confidence queen and founder of I’m an Entrepreneur, Bitch

Nitika Chopra: Do a clean beauty overhaul with the natural beauty guru and self-love superstar

Gabrielle Bernstein: Give your inner life some TLC with the best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back, spirit junkie, and meditation master

How does the re(new) year plan work?

For the first five weeks of the year, these guest editors (listed in order) are posting practices and advice from Sunday to Friday on Well+Good. Think at-home workouts, detoxing recipes, clean beauty practices, and confidence pointers to power up your career.

These are fun, smart, and super easy to stick each day, even as your month gets crazy busy. All you have to do is tune in.

This year’s all about renewal—renewing your love for workouts, for cooking healthy lunches, and for believing in yourself, your purpose, and your career.

Ready to have your healthiest and happiest year yet? Check back on January 1 for the first exciting week of your (Re)New Year game plan—starting with a week of exclusive, at-home video workouts with Tracy Anderson that we’ll be streaming right here.

Can’t wait till the New Year to get started? Get inspired by these health rules to live by now (and forever, check out the wellness trends that are going to be shaping 2017, or, hey, just work on your radiance by sipping these teas for clear skin.

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