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December 2: Your healthy news briefing

news-briefing-dec-2What has the Well+Good staff’s attention? Join us for our morning news debrief and learn what we’re reading and what’s buzzing in the wellness world. (Besides our articles, of course.)

Supermodels and fashion folk are sharing videos of themselves walking “in the direction of climate change”
It’s called the #ClimateCatwalk movement. Work it.

Demi Lovato released a video asking fans to share what makes them feel confident
#Confident Confessions.

Applebee’s and IHOP remove soda from their child’s menus
File under “No-Brainer.”

KIND vs. FDA, round two
The nutrition bar company’s Healthy Divide ad series points out that all the wonderful things in life, like Pop Tarts and Fruity Pebbles, make the FDA’s healthy label cut, while almonds and nuts do not.

The ex-CEO of Trader Joe’s opened a non-profit grocery store in Boston
Daily Table sells low-priced produce and prepared meals by partnering with vendors looking to unload excess product or “ugly” veggies.

Starbucks issues panini recall due to E. coli outbreak
We are officially never snacking on carrots or celery sticks again.

The Coca-Cola-backed GEBN is no more
They framed their messaging to blame obesity on America’s fitness habits…and not their soda addictions.

Beer (or any drink for that matter) can help you stick to your fitness regimen
Think “Come to Soul on Sunday and I’ll buy you a mimosa at brunch.”

And lastly:
Glitter beards. (Not to be confused with glitter parts, glitter pits, or glitter pens.)

What are some of our top stories today? The a.m. shower secret that this J.Crew model swears by, why cannabis may be your new favorite superfood, and meet the (arguably) fittest people in New York.

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