Helen Mirren’s genius tips on love, friendship, and not listening to haters

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Photo: Dick Thomas Johnson

If anyone in Hollywood has proven to have gleaned serious wisdom during her years in the spotlight, it’s the quippy (and always badass) Helen Mirren.

At last night’s 23rd Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, the 71-year-old Oscar-winning actress accepted the Legend Award (why are we not surprised?), and went on to serve the women in the audience some witty realness—basically reinforcing the undeniable fact that she is a legend we could all take notes from.

“I’m just quickly going to give you a few tips to get through life because, obviously, you know I’m quite old so I’ve lived quite a lot of life,” she joked as she began her speech (which you can read in full on Elle). “Feel free to pass these along.”

Oh, we will.

She went on to impart genius advice about romantic (and platonic) relationships and loving yourself in the face of criticism.

Keep reading for Mirren’s four brilliant life hacks.

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1. Don’t rush love…

“There are no rules about love—I don’t believe—but don’t be in a rush to get married, honestly,” says the sexy septuagenarian, who wed director Taylor Hackford in 1997. “I married Taylor much later in my life and it’s worked out just great.” Hey, that gives you more time to focus on your self-love rituals.


2. …and be supportive when you find it.

Mirren also notes the importance of being understanding as your partner works toward his or her goals. “Give your partner the freedom and support to achieve their ambitions—very important and that goes both ways, men and women.” (Plus, you can become a serious power couple.)


4. Stay in touch with your friends (IRL)

In this day and age, it’s easy to keep tagging your BFF in Instagram memes and call it a day—but Mirren stresses the importance of real human connection. “Connect with friends daily, [and] I don’t mean on Facebook,” she said. “Better to have three great friends than 300 friends on social media. Friends you can really talk to.”


4. Don’t let anyone’s criticism affect your confidence

Sadly, there are still people out there who might judge others based on appearances. But Mirren advises to never let this type of criticism hurt your self-esteem and take away from the goddess you are. “Ignore anyone who judges the way you look, especially if he or she is some anonymous miserable creep, lurking on the Internet, or is a bloated, small-headed dinosaur-y handed candidate for president.”

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