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Photo: Brian Bowen Smith

Insecurities: we all have them. Yes, even Oscar-winning actors.

According to Hilary Swank, she battled them throughout her 20s and 30s. Sure, the Million Dollar Baby star (and founder of all day-appropriate activewear brand Mission Statement) found career success during this period, but she also felt completely alone—not realizing that those around her were struggling with confidence issues as well.

It’s why she’s become a big proponent of being more open with one another. And yes, it’s a philosophy she lives by. When Swank stopped by Well+Good to unveil her collection, she opened up to co-founder Melisse Gelula about her life, going all the way back to her childhood, where she and her family dealt with economic challenges and prejudices from a very young age.

Here, Hilary Swank shares her life lessons—including managing feelings of insecurity—exclusively with Well+Good. Watch the video, below!

From Amanda Seyfried to Kristen Bell, celebrities have been increasingly vocal about their mental health experiences. Which is so important, considering the number of women who struggle with high-functioning depression