Homegirl Yoga’s Halle Becker to teach at SoulCycle

Becker sees her classes as an opportunity to “sweat and surrender with awesome music and a spiritual message.” Now some of those will take place on a bike.
Halle Becker Pure Yoga SoulCycle
Becker now offers her rock-and-roll version of sweaty enlightenment on a yoga mat and on spin bike.

Halle Becker, the rock-and-roll instructor behind “Hot Homegirl Yoga” at Pure East, sees all of her classes as an invitation to “sweat and surrender with awesome music and a spiritual message.” And that’s precisely what put her on SoulCycle’s radar a year or so back—and on the cycling studio’s roster now.

That Becker is also taking her inspiring practice to the grapefruit-scented classrooms at Soul shouldn’t be a surprise. Becker’s mix of sage advice, coupled with a challenging flow (her influences include “Loren Basset and Spongebob Squarepants”), and a hilarious sense of humor, makes her a magnet for a wild assortment of fitness-lovers—and also those who used to hate working out.

How did the yogi get into spinning? “My friend Rique Uresti teaches at SoulCycle and told [co-founder] Julie Rice about me. I started training there, but I couldn’t really commit for about a year—it just wasn’t the right time to add something new to my teaching.”

Recently Becker tells us she was won over by the “bike Buddhas” and their like-minded message of “getting enlightened through sweat.” Adding “as a 50 year old teacher I am so grateful to have a voice in this community.”

“Whether you’re on a mat or a bike you have the opportunity to shift and grow and that is a beautiful thing to be able to offer—to actually help someone shift,” Becker says. (She’ll continue to teach yoga at Pure, which like SoulCycle, is owned by Equinox.)

So don’t be surprised if you see yogis who’ve never laid their bums on a bike before at your next SoulCycle class. “It’s been a blast introducing the yoga community to SoulCycle!” says Becker. “I tell them they need the cardio and I tell the cyclists they need yoga. So it’s a win-win!” —Sharon Feiereisen

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