This week the stars are aligning to serve you a super-sexy TGIF

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So we’re in an unusual week: There was an eclipse last week, and there will be another next week. Since eclipses are associated with endings (and beginnings), things may feel a bit *unsettled*, says rockstar astrologer Jennifer Racioppi. Here’s her day-by-day celestial weather report to help you tap into this volatile energy—no matter what your sun sign is. (And some friendly advice: Book a date night for Friday, ASAP.)


Monday, July 16

As we enter a new week, post-eclipse, capitalize on those Monday vibes. Now that 2018 is more than halfway done, take some time to evaluate how you are doing: Are you content with your progress thus far? Take a moment to write out your goals for the rest of the year. With the moon waxing crescent in Virgo, health consciousness goes a long way today, too. Eating local, organic, seasonal food helps the body alkalize. Getting to a yoga class and breathing helps integrate the lessons (and changes) in the air. Let your breath help you find the perspective you need. Don’t force your next step—allow for guidance instead.

Tuesday, July 17

Right now is a powerful time to tend to more yin practices, like slow breathing, following through with decisions already made, and maybe even a longer-than-normal meditation practice. (This is because the moon will be traveling “void of course”—AKA not aligned with a specific zodiac sign—from 6:48 a.m. to 3:42 p.m. EDT.) “Void of course” periods are a great time to halt decision-making and slow down. Once the moon enters into Libra, the pace of the day shifts tremendously, so be prepared for a late second wind (of course, adjust timing for your specific time zone). Allow yourself to have a slow and steady morning— the late afternoon/early evening brings with it the potential to get a lot done. Try not to abuse caffeine as a form of motivation. Instead, take it easy and prepare to feel an energy shift later in the day.

Wednesday, July 18

Mars, the planet of action, travels retrograde for the majority of the summer, meaning ambition and relationship dynamics that no longer work are up for reevaluation. Summer of 2018 asks you to release unhealthy patterns of shame-based ambition. Meaning: Places where you seek achievement as a form of self-validation require in-depth examination—especially if you’re using success as a form of revenge. Unexpected curveballs give way to profound soul lessons. Notice what’s coming up and take some time to identify why you want what you want (or if you even care). Remember you are innately worthy; you don’t have to prove anything.

Thursday, July 19

Today the waxing quarter moon occurs in relationship-oriented Libra. This waxing quarter moon marks the halfway point between two eclipses: a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer that happened on July 12, and a total lunar eclipse that occurs in one week on July 27 in Aquarius. Get grounded and centered today. With the sun in Cancer squaring the moon in Libra, relationships will likely require your attention. But remember, the most critical relationship remains the one that you have with yourself. As the cliche goes, put your oxygen mask on first, then tend to others. To that end, consider a Kundalini yoga session or another transformational breathwork practice.

Friday, July 20

The energy of the upcoming full moon and lunar eclipse starts to feel more tangible today. With the Scorpio vibes strong, take advantage. Scorpio, a sign that profoundly correlates with sexuality, asks you to indulge sensual desires. Even with ruling planet, Mars, in retrograde, this TGIF screams sexiness. Tap in and find your turn-on. Dress in a way that brings out your best. Spend time adorning yourself. If you are single and looking, make sure to head out tonight. If you are partnered, share a sexual fantasy with your beloved.

Saturday, July 21

With the sun at the last degree of Cancer also getting ready to shift into Leo tomorrow, consider all that has unfolded for you since the summer solstice on June 21—the moment the sun entered Cancer. With one-third of summer officially over, bring mindfulness to your day. Slow down and feel. What’s emerged for you since the solstice? Warning: With the moon and sun both in water signs today, things might feel a wee bit emotional, too. The sun at 29 degrees of Cancer brings the feels to the forefront. Mindful self-compassion goes a long way. Be kind, patient, and self-loving.

Sunday, July 22

Venus, the planet of love, makes a supportive angle to Jupiter the planet of expansion. Meanwhile, the sun exits Cancer and heads into playful Leo. Please take the day off and have some fun. Head to the beach. Have an extra long brunch. Take a long walk in the park. Play. Enjoy the long days and settle into the Leo vibes. Leo, after all, asks you to enjoy yourself. Given that Venus and Jupiter make a harmonious alignment today too, Sunday Funday becomes a serious proposition. Enjoy it to the max.

Jennifer Racioppi

 is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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