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Burr Leonard, The Bar Method

self logoDame Helen Mirren made headlines this week when a poll named her 66-year-old body the sexiest on the planet, but we know another 60-something whose fitness philosophy has made countless physiques slim and toned (and maybe a teeny bit sore)—including her own.

She’s Burr Leonard, 64, the creator of the now-world-famous Bar Method, a ballet-inspired workout that combines deep toning exercises with short, intense cardio intervals to leave enthusiasts long, lean and strong.

With more than 58 Bar Method studios nationwide, and three DVD sets (including a new set out this year!), Leonard is spreading the addiction—and, she says, helping fans break out of the mold of hard-to-follow training.

“The class is structured so that students get very specific instructions about what they need to do, and they’re delivered succinctly so the class flows,” Leonard says. “Teachers are trained to give dynamic, succinct, supportive instructions and to interact with individual students, but to keep a beautiful flow.”

We asked Leonard how she stays fit and balances it all.

Keep reading to hear about Leonard’s exercise routine, diet, and more…

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