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Equinox bikini body workout Shape MagazineErika Shannon’s class at Equinox Gym used to be called simply Sculpt. Turn out was good. But nothing like the elbow-to-elbow sardine scene of this week’s when the class was rebranded with a new more visual, hopeful, promising name: the Shape Bikini Body Workout.

Gym-goers are all too familiar with come-on class names like Red Carpet Ready and Brazilian Butt Lift. But what’s hilarious in this case is that the content of the class hasn’t changed. During May, one “Sculpt” class per club will evoke the headline of an article in Shape Magazine, which has partnered with Equinox Fitness.

The description of the Shape Bikini Body Workout promises, like the Yoplait ads, to shrink you down to swimsuit size: “Get bikini ready with the best exercises dedicated to flatten your abs, tone your legs, and sculpt your hips and butt. This is the perfect integrated strength, cardio and power sculpting workout designed to melt away fat–just in time for bikini season!”

Not that Shannon, who teaches her classes (including IntenSati) at Volume 11, wasn’t doing this before…