How the Blissology Project can help you have a stress-free Thanksgiving

One way to make it through the stress of Thanksgiving dinner? A month of super-cheap yoga with Eoin Finn, creator of the Blissology Project.

By Briana Rognlin for

For me, the time period between now and about, oh, I’d say 2012 is usually filled with a crazed schedule, lots of un-fun “budget” problems, family drama, and better access to cookie platters than kale salads. Which leads to stress, erratic eating, missed workouts, bad sleep, and a compromised immune system (hi, cold & flu season: it’s me again).

And yoga—one of the few things that counteracts the toll of the holidays on my body—often seems like one more (stressful) think to add to my too-long to-do list. Which is why I’m not just happy that Blisstree is partnering with Eoin Finn‘s Blissology Project because we get to offer you 30 days of yoga for $10; I’m happy because it might just get me through Thanksgiving stress, too.

The $10 pass gets you access to an online video library of yoga classes led by Eoin Finn: yoga teacher, TED talker, and founder of the Blissology Project, whose happiness and calm is contagious (even through streaming video). You also get access to the Blissology Project Booklet, which outlines Eoin’s mission as well as the principles of his 30-day “Commit to Bliss” program: This is the part that might get me (and you) through Thanksgiving.

His “commitments to bliss”—yoga, meditation, nature appreciation, food awareness and gratitude—serve as a great support for maintaining good health habits this time of year.

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