How this DJ and fashion-world fave became a coconut guru

Brendan Fallis is found spinning at fashion parties, appearing on best-dressed lists, and advocating the benefits of...coconut water.
Brendan Fallis
Brendan Fallis is passionate about health living, starting with coconuts. (Photo: Jakob Axelman)

When you imagine most DJs’ drink of choice, coconut water doesn’t exactly spring to mind. (Moet or craft beer, maybe.) But man about town Brendan Fallis doesn’t just drop beats for high-profile clients like Rag & Bone, Jill Stuart, and the CFDA while sipping the tropical hydrating elixir, he’s also a legit coconut water magnate.

In 2012, the 34-year-old helped launch Waiola—purveyor of 100 percent pure coconut water (with half the sugar of competing brands, he says). He’s also a die-hard health nut (see Instagram for evidence), boyfriend to Hannah Bronfman (healthy heiress, entrepreneur, and a super-sceney DJ in her own right), and Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London’s manager. Here, Fallis talks coconuts, gym clothes, and his tricks to keeping a healthy lifestyle while working the party scene.

So, from DJing to coconut water…how’d you make that leap? I got into coconuts because a friend was connected to the brand, and he needed someone to lead the charge in New York. I’m passionate about health and wellness, so it was a natural fit.

There seems to be no end in sight to the coconut craze. Why is that? Coconuts have a unique nutrient makeup, offering great vitamins, fiber, minerals, and good fats. There are so many different coconut products—oil, shavings, milk, and water—and each one can be used for different purposes. I’m always surprised at how well it helps me recover from exercise, a long night, or a busy day. It’s also a great alternative to coffee.

How is Waiola able to keep the sugar in check? We use a unique blend of young and old coconut water, which lets us achieve a superior ratio of low sugar and high potassium—two factors that all health-conscious people can benefit from. We source our coconuts in Thailand.

You must keep pretty crazy hours. How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? I work really hard at exercising and eating properly. I make sure I eat four to five small meals a day—lately, without red meat or gluten. I drink a ton of water and coconut water, and exercise for at least an hour. I’ve been hitting Equinox a lot lately, and I’m very into just using my own body weight (there’s a great Instagram account, Progressive Calisthenics, that has me very motivated). I’ve been pairing that with Tabata sets on the treadmill.

What about sleep? Oh, napping is my saving grace. That’s my small secret to getting through a full day and night. As long as I lay down for 20 minutes midday, I’m good to go ’til the early hours.

What’s a typical healthy weeknight dinner for you and your girlfriend? There’s no typical dinner with us; we always try to outdo what we cooked the time before. The only running themes are no red meat, no gluten, and we use coconut oil instead of butter. We also plate our food to look like we’re at the best restaurant we can think of.

It’s all about the presentation. Speaking of, you’ve been on many a best-dressed list…any advice for guys looking to be stylish at the gym? I stick to all black. Sweat doesn’t show through as much, it’s slimming for anyone, and I just think it looks better. But, that said, it’s whatever you feel most comfortable in. As long at you’re at the gym, you’re ahead of the game. —Jamie McKillop

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