How to get the support you need

The keys to getting the emotional support you crave.

By Debbie Mandel for

Ever experience stress-induced back pain? One theory is that emotionally you don’t feel supported as you are the consummate multi-tasker. So, what keeps you from simply asking for what you need, enlisting the support of family members, friends, colleagues and your boss?

Basically, it’s too little “identity equity.” This means if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you trust others? Also, consider when you are too proud to ask for help, you cannot tap into your inner wisdom of networking, collaborating and growing from the experience. The problem is that many people confuse asking for help with a sign of weakness.

However, the opposite is usually the case. When you ask for help whether at home or the office, you are demonstrating strength by acting like a team player and a “future manager” (think promotion at work) who gets tasks done with other people on board. Note: There is strength in numbers and the potential for greater creativity.

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