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Become a "sunset banker," says this star yogi and nature lover, and don't forget to get under a tree (preferably in a hammock).
(Photo: Eoin Finn)

Yes, the sun is setting on the sweet, blissful months of summer. But that doesn’t mean you have to just submit to the frenzy of fall. We asked top wellness experts how they continue to channel summer’s relaxing vibe long after Labor Day. Follow their lead for a saner season.

Eoin Finn
Yogi, Founder, Blissology

1. Be a “sunset banker:” I love taking in as many sunsets as I can wherever I happen to be, East Coast or West. The thought always occurs to me that I am banking some of the feeling of summer freedom in my soul for the days when we spend more time inside in the cold winter months to come. This is what I do: I burn images into my mind of the sunset and feel the warm breezes penetrating every cell. I remind myself that in my essence I am this infinite vastness. We all are. No matter how life speeds up, this free state of mind is always available.

2. Get “Hammock Enlightened” daily: The idea is that you take at least ten minutes to get under a tree, relax, gaze at something beautiful in nature, and simply breathe. It’s great with a hammock, but you can still get the same effect in the grass. It’s amazing what happens in these moments—we realize that the business we all face in modern living has distracted us from who we really are. Nature brings us back to a state of mind filled with awe and reverence. We don’t have to go to Yosemite for it. Even in the city, step out of your office, and look up. The idea can be summed up as, “Relax, breathe, observe, and receive.” —Sarah Sarway

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