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Photo: Francine Fleischer

Just as a bouquet of flowers is meant to brighten someone’s day, a mandala of flowers is meant to balance a person’s energy.

For proof, just ask New York City’s master of mindfulness Kelly Morris, who has been making mandalas for the better part of the past decade to help balance her energy before a meditation session.

(If you’re not sure what a mandala is, it’s the Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol for the universe that you have definitely seen on a t-shirt, yoga mat, or in a photo by that yogi you follow on Instagram.)

Her material of choice? Flowers.

“By creating mandalas out of nature, you are consciously balancing your energy,” she explains. “They act as feng shui for the mind, an energetic rearrangement from chaos to coherence—plus, they are so fun to create.”

While the warm weather is a perfect time to take advantage of all of the seasonal blooms, you can also make mandalas out of rocks, leaves, or sticks. As for the design, you want to create a pattern that is so visually appealing that your mind is completely absorbed by the task—leaving no time for all that endless chatter. In other words, just go for it and see what the resulting pattern looks like.

Maybe Lena Dunham should give it a go?

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