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If you’ve been trying to make healthy lifestyle changes—either for weight loss or overall wellness—and it feels impossible to stick to them, there may be a good reason for that: Your biochemistry is stacked against you, says Kulreet Chaudhary, MD.

Dr. Chaudhary is an integrative neurologist who’s also trained in Ayurvedic medicine, and her new book, The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss explains this issue, and how understanding it can help you prep yourself for healthy success in the new year.

healthy lifestyle changes“All you have to do is start shifting your biochemistry, bit by bit, in a different direction,” she says, as it’s likely been thrown out of wack from years of eating foods filled with processed sugars, fats, and toxic additives that are literally engineered to keep you craving them. To do that, she shows you how to balance your gut, add adaptogenic herbs to your daily routine, and tackle other small steps she says are crucial to take before deciding on a new healthy meal plan.

“If you prime your body for success by gently eliminating waste, removing the accumulation of toxins, and slowly alerting your gut bacteria in a direction that will call out for better choices, you’ll discover that lifestyle changes become easier,” Dr. Chaudhary explains. “Weight loss, increased energy, and mental clarity will happen to you, rather than you forcing them to happen.” (Bonus!)

Here’s how it works: The Prime has you take a quiz to determine how quickly you should move through the program, and then Dr. Chaudhary guides you through these four expert-tested steps:

1. Activate a biochemical shift. This includes four simple tasks each day, like a morning detox tea and dry brushing.

2. Crush your cravings. Step two helps you balance your gut health (to ultimately banish cravings) by adding in components like bone broth, veggie juices, and a cravings journal.

3. Ignite great digestion and fat burning. By step three, Dr. Chaudhary says you’re ready to go deeper and really fire up digestion and your metabolism, by using supplements like ginger and adding curry powder to your cooking.

4. Biohack your lifestyle habits. Finally, to complete The Prime, Dr. Chaudhary leads you through some super simple but potentially life-changing shifts, like eating your largest meal at lunchtime and sticking to an early bedtime, which helps balance hormones—and pretty much everything.

Ready to get the details on how to make this happen for you in 2016? Get your copy of The Prime, today!

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