How to motivate yourself to get outside and run this winter

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All year you have no trouble hopping out of bed to hit the pavement. Whether running is your time to catch up on your favorite podcasts, explore a new part of your city, or simply work out any stress and confusion—it’s your time.

But come winter? It’s all too easy to let short, dark days and cold temps cause an immediate four month-long hibernation—unless there’s something holding you accountable, of course.

Enter the 837 Run Club, a weekly gathering of New York City runners that is guaranteed to get you to pause your Netflix-binge and get out from under your blanket. Starting at Samsung 837 in NYC’s Meatpacking District, dozens of New Yorkers join forces for a group run along the Hudson River. And it’s not only motivating—it’s seriously fun.

How do we know? Because we joined the Samsung squad on a brisk Saturday morning in November—and it was a weekend-workout game-changer.

Photo: Samsung
Photo: Samsung

Here’s how it goes down: Doors open at 9:15 a.m. and hundreds of enthusiastic runners (clad in this season’s cutest winter-appropriate garb) pile in single file to check in for the 10:15 run. (But it’s always a good idea to check the website for the most up-to-date schedule.)

Pro tip: Get there early. If you snag a prime spot in line, you’ll get to try out the Gear Fit2, Samsung’s genius fitness tracker. The tech wearable tracks metrics like heart rate, speed, and distance, so you can get serious intel as you trek along the Hudson.

The group then divides up into two camps (three- and six-milers) and jets off under the guidance of expert lululemon run coaches. The day concludes with a water bottle, an encouraging high five from your coach, and—best of all—a free sweetgreen salad or grain bowl.

Team Well+Good! Photo: Samsung
Team Well+Good! Photo: Samsung

When our team arrived for the run on a brisk 40-degree Saturday morning, we expected maybe 20 people at most, TBH. What we absolutely did not expect was over 300 enthusiastic runners to be lined up and ready to go. Talk about motivating!

Our team was split almost 50/50 among the three- and six-mile runs, so we jetted off on our respective jogs, taking in the scenic views of the Freedom Tower and the Hudson River (even New Jersey wasn’t looking too shabby).

Sure, you might argue that running alone on a beautiful path would give you the same great feeling, despite the cold. But the energy of running with hundreds of excited people—of all fitness levels—can’t be beat. Our coach was chatty and enthusiastic, without pushing too much, and there was no emphasis on time or pace at all. If you’re training for a marathon in two weeks, this might not be the club for you. But if you’re looking for a fun, easygoing run to lure you out of your apartment? This is definitely the club for you.

Oh, and as for that voucher for free sweetgreen—that was just the icing on the heart-racing, endorphin-fueled cake.

Photo: Samsung
Photo: Katie Maguire for Well+Good

To learn more about the 837 Run Club, go to

Top Photo: Samsung

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