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natural nail By Susannah Compton for NoMoreDirtyLooks

I rarely polish my nails. When I do polish, my approach is utilitarian. Do it swiftly; make it classy. I love to luxuriate in beauty rituals, but not the mani-pedi variety. Your nail art is adorable—I see you on Instagram—but you won’t find me taking the time.

That said, thanks to new favorites Priti NYC Soy Polish Remover and RGB Nail Color, I’m in a painting mood.

The real game changer here is Priti NYC Soy Polish Remover. You can put away the gas mask for this one. It doesn’t reek of chemicals or give me a headache like every nail polish remover I’ve ever used. Even better, it doesn’t dry my nails out. In fact, it feels… nourishing. What? I know!

Keep reading for tips and products to try…

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