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6 ways to spot a true Sagittarius

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Photo: Instagram/@chrissyteigen

Sagittarius season is here, and with it comes the beginning of the holiday season. Make sure you’re remembering your Sagittarius friends birthdays since they can often be overlooked in the end-of-year mayhem And if you can’t tell who among your friend group is the birthday person, they’re actually pretty easy to spot: They’re likely the loudest, most extroverted, and brutally honest. (So, yeah, if you forget about their birthday, they’re probably not gonna let it pass.)

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, your BFF’s birthday, or your imaginary BFF’s birthday (hey Chrissy Teigen!) remember to show your Sagittarius friend a little thanks and a little love (maybe with one of these can’t-go-wrong gifts?).

How do you know if you’ve got that classic Sag thing going on? These are the 6 telltale signs.

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1. You’re the blunt and confrontational friend

But let’s call it what it really is—the unequivocal voice of reason and honesty.



2. You’re extremely extroverted.

No like, really really extroverted. While it’s mostly been beneficial, sometimes it can be a little over the top.



3. You’re a great friend

You’re generous, good at giving tough love and honest advice, and you’re super generous—what else could a person need?



4. You have confidence to spare

You’re a boss, and you know it.



5. You’re spontaneous

…. and restless and adventurous. You like to follow through with an impulse once you recognize it.



6.You were (somewhat) mislabeled as the wild child.

The combination of being spontaneous, blunt, and extroverted got you a reputation for being rebellious. But hey! You were just trying to have a good time. And the world needs more of that, right?

To be prepared to spot all of the signs during your Thanksgiving meal, check out our guides to Libras and Scorpios, too.