3 easy ways to stay centered—no matter what your day throws at you

You have a miles-long to-do list and a work meeting to get ready for—and you still haven’t meal prepped. With such hectic days, sometimes it’s tough to find time to go to the bathroom, let alone squeeze in a workout or schedule any other “me time” to speak of.

As a nutritionist, food blogger, and mom to a rambunctious one-year old son, Alexandra Dawson of In My Bowl gets the busy-girl struggle, and she knows how tough balancing a healthy lifestyle with a jam-packed 24/7 schedule can be.

But through it all, her aim is to stay true to herself (and the advice she shares on her website and Instagram, of course). Her biggest tip? Start your day with a healthy breakfast. (Like, for real this time—no coffee grab-and-go.)

“Taking control of your morning is essential.”

“Taking control of your morning is essential,” Dawson says. “I always begin my day with a wholly nourishing meal, knowing that that breakfast sets me up for a day of success, feeling great about myself ready to positively take on the rest of my day.”

She focuses on filling her diet with real, wholesome foods and sips—like Tropicana, the 100 percent juice squeezed from fresh oranges (and that’s it—no added sugar or preservatives here).

Watch the video to hear her genius tips for staying grounded—and keeping it real—every day.

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