The genius (Finnish) method for washing dishes in a tiny kitchen

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You don’t really learn about the power of the human spirit until you’re stuck in an apartment that could be considered a glorified shoebox (but let’s call it cozy). Ovens become (sometimes) closets, necessity dictates getting into Marie Kondo, and you get specific with your plant choices. And now, from Scandinavia (which also gifted us with both hygge and lagom), comes a Finnish trick for washing and drying your dishes when faced with space constraints.

The Finnish solution is a dish drying cabinet you can try to pronounce—astiankuivauskaappi, Purewow reports. It’s essentially a raised drying rack that fits over the top your sink, which frees up some counter space you can use for your juicer, a Google Home, or a mood boosting diffuser. Plus you can get a couple of different models on Amazon for roughly $60—way more affordable than a new apartment.

Did you expect anything less than simple ingenuity from the the region housing some of the happiest countries in the world (and all of the coziness)?

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