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hair washingBy Siobhan O’Connor for

Yesterday I accidentally washed my hair backwards.

I was in the shower, scrubbing and singing like I always do, and before I knew it, I’d filled my left hand with a pile of conditioner. Huh. I could have rinsed it down the drain and gone for the shampoo, but I didn’t. Instead, I remembered a sidebar we have in the book about washing your hair backwards, which is exactly what it sounds like: Conditioner first, then a little shampoo.

It resulted in the best hair day I’ve had in months.

Funny story: After the book came out and we were doing interviews, this little sidebar, barely a page long, came up in more conversations than we could count. (The other thing that always came up was our recipe for vodka hairspray, which makes sense.)

But the truth was, neither of us was that into it. We’d tried it, and liked it fine, but it definitely wasn’t what we did every morning in the tub. And when we’d get asked about it, it was always a little awkward. “Um… We don’t actually really… I mean… You know what? You should totally try it.” That kind of thing.

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