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If you make bad decisions in 2014, blame it on Equinox

Equinox is known for its racy ad campaigns and videos that often have little to do with working out and more to do with getting naked. (Although, yes, you could argue the two are often related.)

This year, the luxe gym chain unveiled their most entertaining campaign yet: “Equinox Made Me Do It,” created by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, with photographs by Robert Wyatt.

Basically, the company wants to take responsibility for all of your f*ck-ups, none of which are linearly related to getting more fit. (Unless…have we been doing it wrong?)

The campaign “highlights the results of living a more provoked life. The ads connect the cause and effect of an Equinox workout, asserting that a good workout can be a bad influence,” the company said in a press release.

Here are four examples of the crazy things the fitness empire says getting ripped might inspire you to do this year. It’s okay, they’ll take the blame so you don’t have to:

Equinox 1. Run naked…with a bespoke leather bag

The image implies that the couple got caught having sex in an inappropriate location (maybe the gym locker room?). But then how did they have time to pack up all of their clothes?

Equinox 2. Get punched in the face

You should see the other guy?

Equinox 3. Get escorted out of a country club by super hot security guards

She wasn’t dressed for golf anyway.

Equinox 4. Go (almost) skinny dipping in a cold sprinkler

May we suggest choosing a warm, Caribbean beach instead? —Lisa Elaine Held

(All photos courtesy of Equinox.)