Inside the new Hamptons studio of Norma Jean Pilates

The new Sag Harbor studio is like walking into your best friend’s (awesomely decorated) home, where you happen to be taking a Reformer class.
The chic lounge area and inspiration wall on the first floor. (Photo: Norma Jean Pilates)

When you take a fitness class in the Hamptons there are a few things you come to expect—parking attendants at SoulCycle Bridgehampton and breathing in your neighbor’s sunscreen at Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor because the class is packed with 60 people.

But when you step into Norma Jean Pilates’ new Sag Harbor studio, it’s like walking into your best friend’s (awesomely decorated) home, where you just happen to be taking a Reformer class.

The two-story space, on Main Street, in Sag Harbor, opened earlier this summer (the studio moved from an attic-size boite in town). It offers Reformer, classic Pilates, and dance cardio classes ($40), as well as privates ($110). “We needed more room to do all the things we do,” says Hayley Thorpe, the owner and born-and-bred Hamptonite, who named her studio after Marilyn Monroe.

Norma Jean Pilates
The second floor studio with Reformers. (Photo: Norma Jean Pilates)

The space feels more like a living room than a cubby- and water-cooler-filled studio. When you enter, you’re greeted by an inspiration wall, with printed quotes like “good vibes only” and playful images, like beach scenes from the 1960s pinned to the wall with masking tape.

“The tape wall is controlled chaos—it’s meant for us to have a wish board,” Thorpe says. Inside are sofas with printed pillows, coffee tables books, and walls filled with visiting artwork (right now by a super cool artist, Claire Shegog).

The second floor houses the private instruction room, and a separate space with six Reformers, a fireplace, and more art. “Interior design has always been an interest of mine. I didn’t quite realize it until opening this space,” Thorpe says.

If you’re looking for workout with some Hamptons glitz and glam—don’t expect it. “We don’t have splashy signs outside. We try to keep things quiet,” Thorpe says.

Because even when you’re by the beach, sometimes you just need to escape. —Molly Gallagher

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