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International tea brand T2 opens its first U.S. boutique in Soho

Tea time!
(Photo: Milk Made)
Tea enthusiasts mingle at the store’s opening party. (Photo: Milk Made)

Tea time! International tea brand T2 just debuted its first store in the United States—and it’s in the heart of Soho.

The booming tea company was founded in 1996 by Maryanne Shearer and now has over 60 stores in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Fun fact: the company says it now “sells enough tea per month to make nine million cups.”

The Soho shop, which opened for business on October 14, stocks over 200 teas from Australia, India, China, Japan, and other leafy hubs around the globe in colorful boxes that fill multiple walls, and its sleek decor features a long, modern tea tasting bar.

“I have always felt like T2 and NYC were made for each other,” Shearer says. “My goal is to get more people to drink tea in general, and the way we do tea at T2 is different—we modernize it and make it a fun experience. ”

Walls of tea! (Photo: Jamie McKillop for Well+Good)

With Le Palais des Thes’ opening of two tea boutiques in New York in recent years, plus the debut of MatchaBar in Williamsburg just last month, it seems the demand for tea may be reaching a boiling point. Maybe it’s all of those health benefits? —Jamie McKillop

 67 Prince St., at Crosby St., Soho,