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Is Burger King trying to kill New Yorkers?

The about-to-launch New York Pizza Burger comes loaded with 2,530 calories and 144 grams of fat.

The newest addition to the Times Square dining scene comes loaded with 2,530 calories and 144 grams of fat.

According to the Daily News, Burger King’s New York Pizza Burger will join the menu at BK’s flagship 24-7 Whopper Bar early next month.  The burger-izza, which will be exclusively made in New York City, includes four whopper meat patties, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and god-knows how many preservatives and artificial, unpronounceable additives.  The sesame-seed bun measures 9 ½ inches across.

BK argues that the burger is cut into six slices and is meant to be consumed by a half dozen friends. (Each slice is 420 calories with 24 grams of fat.) Though we’re willing to bet that many a customer will be inspired to down the entire burger in one sitting, or share between just two.

We’re still reeling from New York City’s super-low ranking on the America’s Fittest Cities list (we were #22, just ahead of Tampa, Florida). And the BK New York Pizza Burger seems designed to keep us buried at the bottom.

If you’re craving a burger, try a lean, organic elk burger. For pizza, try thin-crust perfection at Lucali’s in Carroll Gardens. BK’s attempt at fusion cuisine doesn’t deserve to last a New York minute.

Photo Credit: Serious Eats