Is diet soda making you sad?

New facts on the fizzy stuff.

By Maggie Oaklander for

When you’re stuck in an afternoon slump and are hours away from wrapping up for the day, sometimes it seems there’s just one solution: the soda machine. With caffeine and a bevy of sweet bubbles, a sip of soda is bound to pick you up, right?

Don’t count on it. New research from the American Academy of Neurology has found that sweetened drinks—especially of the diet variety—are associated with a heightened risk of depression.

The study began back in 1995, when researchers started tracking 263,925 people between the ages of 50 and 71. For a year, investigators measured participant consumption of beverages like soda, fruit punch, and coffee. A decade later, study enrollees reported on whether or not they had been diagnosed with depression in recent years.

Keep reading for the results of the study…

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