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Sweaty spin class



So you’re a sweater—and we’re not talking the warm and fuzzy variety. (If you are, however, capable of sweating through a sweater, keep reading.)

The following scenarios may describe you:

-You’ve stopped buying white shirts because of the sweat stains that inevitably make an appearance in the armpits.
-An ever-so-slight rise in room temperature is all it takes to get your sweat glands going.
-You’re self-conscious shaking hands with someone when it’s remotely hot lest you leave a, shall we say, “moist” impression.
-You’re afraid to get too close to people, in case they get a whiff of your stinky sweat.

But does this make you abnormal? Are some people just destined to sweat more than others? And what remedies are available, if you’re self-conscious of the amount of fluids being secreted from your skin’s surface?

Keep reading to see what experts say about sweating…

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