Is Six Weeks to OMG the craziest diet ever?

The newest diet book suggests blowing up balloons, taking cold baths in the morning, and limiting your broccoli intake. Here's the skinny on which ideas you should trash and which to buy into.

By Kelly Eastwood for

Christian Grey has barely buttoned his pants and already there’s another eyebrow raising book hitting shelves. Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends, written and self-published by personal trainer Venice A. Fulton (real name Paul Khanna), is fast becoming a global phenomenon following huge popular success in London. It debuted at number four on last week’s New York Times best sellers list (ahead of The Dukan Diet) and secured Fulton a seven-figure book deal in the US.

The controversial diet is rumored to be inspired by the British reality show The Only Way Is Essex (aka TOWIE), whose leading ladies love nothing more than competitive dieting, the frequent use of acronyms and the occasional ‘vajazzle’, and promises to help readers shed 20 lbs in six weeks.

OMG!’s goal is to burn fat and increase metabolism with fast results; Fulton’s unconventional methodology includes waking up to an ice cold bath, skipping breakfast, drinking coffee before exercising, limiting your fruit and broccoli intake, sticking to three meals a day without snacking, and, most peculiar of all, obsessively blowing up balloons to help flatten your transversus muscle.

Long gaps between unconventional meal times — lunch, mid afternoon and early evening, together with a stringent ban on grazing, further encourage your body to burn existing fat for energy. The gimmicky and competitive practices pretty much go against everything we have ever learned about weight management and wellbeing. Thus, the furious backlash.

Keep reading to find out why most experts recommend steering clear of OMG…

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