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yoga laptop for youtube yoga classesIn the Times, Lizette Alvarez suggests that more New Yorkers are doing yoga at home, thanks to sites like,, and vinyasa via youtube. The pros and cons she mentions are pretty obvious—convenience and free versus potential intrusions and the likelihood of not pushing through that 12th chaturanga.

Interestingly, the issue of injuries isn’t broached (expect in context of one’s own home furnishings), which is probably a fairly good reason yoga teachers might object to just anyone practicing virtual vinyasa. It’s not like making coffee at home instead of going out for Starbucks. Of course, yoga teachers can nurture a larger following with be-anywhere instruction, and, historically, video and DVD sales have significantly supplemented their do-gooder salaries. So I would have been interested to hear from some of them in the Times piece. Would any care to comment here?

PS: I’d kinda like if it my yoga teachers gave me specific virtual vinyasa videos as homework.