Is your toothpaste toxic?

By Alexandra Spunt for

’Cause mine is.

I saw this article on MSN last month because—thank you!—they were kind enough to link back to us. But I didn’t really give it a proper read until yesterday morning when I got to thinking about toothpaste.

You know how it goes with this stuff. For some reason you obsess over the chemicals in your eye cream but then dutifully ignore something else—like toothpaste, which I happen to put right in my mouth at least twice a day (since this is one area of hygiene I have not forsaken).

So what’s in conventional toothpaste?

Oh, just the same stuff in that body wash I threw out eons ago. Things like triclosan, an endocrine disrupter that accumulates in nature. We talked a lot about it in the book (if you’ve read it, throw down a review, would ya?). It’s actually such a powerful “germ” killer that it was once relegated just to surgery rooms, where killing germs is, well, important. But now it’s used, oh, everywhere. It’s in anti-acne products, deodorant, antiperspirant, hand sanitizer and, yup, toothpaste.

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