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hempTurns out hemp is good for a lot more than making hippie bracelets (and milk).

And to share the many uses of this healthy seed, a movement has dubbed this week the third annual “Hemp History Week,” in hopes that awareness will lead to changes in U.S. laws that currently prevent farmers from growing the crop.

We may not be High Times, but we figured we’d share three fun facts about hemp in honor of the plant’s special week:

1. Hemp’s got history. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams all grew hemp, and the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.

2. It’s a complete protein. Not only are hemp seeds a great source of omega 3s and nutrients like iron, magnesium, and vitamin E, it’s also one of the few plant-based complete-protein foods, meaning it provides your body with all ten of the essential amino acids. (And no, you won’t be inspired to eat a whole bag of Doritos after adding it to your diet.)

3. Healthy celebs love it. Among the advocates of hemp for health are vegan guru Alicia Silverstone, wellness superstar Dr. Andrew Weil, and “Super Size Me” star health coach Alexandra Jamieson.

Does your diet include hemp? We’d love to know how you use it in the Comments, below!