Why you may want to take care of your birth control before the inauguration

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While there was serious badass feminist inspo that was on display on Election Day—white pantsuits and all—the results of the vote could bring monumental changes that can affect your everyday health and well-being.

One major way it’s likely to affect women directly? Restricted reproductive rights.

Women took to Twitter last night to urge each other that if they were planning on getting an IUD, now’s the time. As reported by The Cut, there’s a significant fear among women that birth control and abortion rights will soon be under attack.

Why? Donald Trump campaigned for president on an anti-abortion platform (and once even said women who terminate pregnancies should be punished), for starters. And running mate Mike Pence pushed for a law in Indiana that forces women to hold funerals for fetuses after miscarriages and abortions.

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Plus, Trump has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is how so many women currently get free birth control. So, IUDs—they are a convenient way to prevent pregnancy for at least five years (which could potentially outlast Trump’s time in office).

If you’re looking for an efficient means of birth control during a time when it won’t be so accessible, it’s something to consider now.

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Interested in learning more about this type of birth control that’s been deemed highly effective (and the ones most female doctors personally use)? Here are a few things you really need to know about IUDs before you get one.

And if you’d like to help protect the ACA, there are things you can do on a state level—you can lobby to get your local officials to pass a law that protects some parts of the act (mammograms, free birth control, etc.). Click here to find out who your local representative is.

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