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Run for the Rabbit
The runners (Left to right), Front: Cipriana, Kim, Margaret, Back: Anthony, Ben, Ali

In tomorrow’s Hamptons Marathon, there will be six runners who will have accomplished something huge before the race even begins.

The six have been participating in JackRabbit Sports’ “Run For The Rabbit” program. And in between their lengthy training sessions with coach Jonathan Cane, they’ve raised a combined $50,000 for the six charities of their choice.

Their causes include disease research (in cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and Crohn’s disease), education, and support for the families of soldiers killed in combat.

They’ve also been blogging and showcasing their progress via videos on the Run For The Rabbit site.

Three of the runners will be taking on their first marathon, and Cane says all six showed incredible dedication in the past months, both to running and fundraising.

Coach Jonathan Cane
Coach Jonathan Cane

As they make their way towards the 26.2 mile mark tomorrow, Cane will be pacing back and forth, waiting for all six to cross the finish line.

“I’m looking forward to greeting them at the line and am hoping for six happy runners,” Cane says. “I hope they’ll be pleased with their times, but I’ll be proud if I get a good, hard effort from each of them, and I have no doubt that I will.”

To keep track of the runners’ progress, follow @joncane on twitter. Cane will be tweeting race updates throughout the day.