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It’s a well-known fact that Jennifer Aniston is healthy and fit. The star’s revealed to us that she loves doing an intense workout in the morning—like a spin-yoga class, interval training, or climbing at Rise Nation.

But, according to her yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, WTOP Radio reports, Aniston’s radiant beauty and toned bod comes from more than simply being active—the key is that she works both her body and mind.

“Jennifer Aniston does, of course, have an incredible body, but I think part of what people respond to with her is that she seems very comfortable in her own skin; she seems healthy and holistic,” she says. (Word.)

Part of what people respond to with Jennifer is that she seems very comfortable in her own skin, healthy and holistic.

Ingber, who just released a book called Yogalosophy for Inner Strength, tells WTOP that anyone can have a fit body and positive attitude, a la Aniston. And that it’s totally reachable.

Read on for the three wellness practices that Jennifer Aniston uses for a super balanced, comfortable-in-her-own-skin life.

Get Started
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1. Get your body moving every day

Ingber recommends to make yourself accountable for one hour of exercise each day. “It doesn’t have to be really intense exercise,” she says. “It could be something like taking a walk, a yoga practice, or something a little more active like a spinning class or hiking.” And it’s okay to break it up in pockets throughout the day.

jennifer aniston meditating
Photo: Instagram/@justintheroux

2. Meditate daily—and five minutes is fine

“Even if it’s just five minutes a day of sitting down…and focusing on your breath,” Ingber tells WTOP. She advises beginners to simply seek out a quiet spot and pay attention to your breath. If your mind starts going a mile a minute (like Lena Dunham’s tends to do), don’t give up—rather, acknowledge the distraction and bring your awareness back to breathing. Ingber says that five minutes a day should leave you feeling refreshed.

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3. Get the right nutrition—but also indulge

Ingber is an advocate of moderation, going by the 80/20 philosophy (much like supermodel Miranda Kerr), which consists primarily of whole foods (“fruits and vegetables, grains, things that are not necessarily in a package,” she tells WTOPand treating herself the other 20 percent of the time. Aniston’s trainer says the focus should not be on limitations when it comes to what you’re eating. “It should be on nourishing your body and filling it with the nutrition it needs to maintain an active lifestyle,” she says.

Ready to try a more mindful Aniston-style approach? Here are the seven best new meditation apps to seriously help kickstart start your practice. And these butt-kicking workouts can all be done in five minutes so you can squeeze them in anytime, anywhere.