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John Masters OrganicsThe “clean air” Soho hair salon made famous by its celebrity hair stylist and natural hair-care guru John Masters, is closing its doors on December 24, after almost two decades in operation.

“It has been 17 years of growth and wonder,” wrote Masters on a blog post from late November. “I am so grateful to all of the clients who have supported the salon and the staff all these years.”

Rather than abandoning the prime Sullivan Street real estate, Masters is replacing the salon with The John Masters Organics Lifestyle Center and Institute, which will include personal care products, essential oils, and new products like a fragrance-free series. Masters recently expanded his natural product range from hair care to skin care.

Due to Masters’ current interest in sustainable farming and harvesting the bounty of the forest, the center will also feature an apothecary-style selection of dry herbs and organic and heirloom seeds. Wonder if we can still count on Masters for natural hair-care tips?

John Masters salon closes
The natural hair-care pioneer, John Masters, will develop green concept salons

We tried to contact Masters for more details, but he’s staying mum for now. “The stages of the Center are still in the works, and at this moment he chooses not to comment further on it until we are ready to launch the Center and Institute,” wrote Jonni Lu, Masters’ Brand Director. “The open date is to be determined.”

In addition to the center, Masters is focusing his energy on research and development in green hair care (he’s launching a new line in the Spring/Summer of 2011) and developing a line of JMO Concept Salons for salon owners looking to go natural.

Maybe, someday, one will pop up in Soho.

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