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Join downtown’s best boutique gym now and get $600 worth of spa and wellness services —plus yoga pants!


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Consider this the Black Friday of gym offers. If you join CLAY by Friday, November 25 (aka Black Friday) at 10:00 p.m., you’ll get a Well+Good preferred rate—and this drool-worthy wellness package worth $600:

woman in yoga pants Lole brand
Lole's Lively pant

+ 1 60-Minute Personal Training Session

+ 1 60-Minute Pilates Session

+ 1 60-Minute Massage

+ 1 Nutritional Consultation

+ Lole’s signature Lively yoga pants (pictured right); Value $105.

Instead of being part of the New Year’s resolution gym crowd—so predictable, yawn—take the lead on your holiday health.

Join CLAY, the chic boutique gym and one-stop wellness oasis on 14th Street with a spa, organic cafe, and Architectural Digest-worthy lounges and locker rooms. 

Tackle holiday nutrition with healthy-diet guru Christy Maskeroni. Melt seasonal stress with a massage at the gorgeous spa. Strengthen and lengthen with a Pilates private. Then revamp your weight routine with a customized personal training session.

Come January, when everyone else is grasping at fitness resolutions, you’ll already be accomplishing yours.

To join now, or for more information, please e-mail [email protected] or call 212-206-9200