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Join the #iamwellandgood movement this January!


iamwellandgood-v1-700x525 - SLIDESHOW OPENERWe’re total suckers for a gorgeous styled yoga pose in a dreamy locale or a smoothie bowl that doubles as a work of art thanks to perfect lines of color-coordinated superfoods.

But is that what your healthy life really looks like?

This January, we’re focused on promoting honesty and transparency in wellness with our #iamwellandgood initiative.

Instead of making epic resolutions, we’re inspired by the sweaty, messy, imperfect ways real people live healthy, unfiltered lives on a daily basis.

To celebrate, we asked incredible experts to share their super honest #iamwellandgood moments via Instagram takeovers this month—look for blogger Jordan Younger, fitness pro Natalie Uhling, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn’s Adina Grigore, and more.

Follow us on Instagram @wellandgoodnyc to tune in!

And most importantly, here’s how you can participate in the #iamwellandgood movement on Instagram:

+ Post a sweaty selfie. As in, a drenched-in-sweat, hair-matted-to-head selfie (bonus points for showing off your awkward weight-lifting face).

+ Share an honest photo of your healthy diet that you didn’t have time to style (you know, your crazy healthy green smoothie that always turns out brown…).

+ Tag us on your challenges (that day the 5:00 a.m. spin class alarm just didn’t work?), small triumphs, and anything else that embodies the #iamwellandgood spirit!

And by using the #iamwellandgood hashtag we’ll know you’re all in for an unfiltered wellness future where sweat and authenticity trump the allure of perfectionism—plus a chance to be regrammed, or featured on Well+Good.


Keep reading to see some of our favorite #iamwellandgood moments for sweaty inspiration.  

PS: Share the love with a friend by using the social icons, below!



Get Started

philosophiemama_instagram  My mom used to tell me “the hardest part of exercise is getting to the gym/beginning”. I know that “this too will pass” and that time will heal, and as a momma, wife + entrepreneur, the best thing I can do is keep showing up for MYSELF so I can better take care of those I love. #nofilter #iamwellandgood


tiu_jax on instagram When your bun looks like this after your workout, you know you had a good sweat. #iamwellandgood




be_gouda instagram What it really looks like when you attempt to make lemon & pepper seasoned grilled chicken for the week and end up filling your apartment with smoke….and then give up on the rest of your meal. #nofilter #begouda #eatclean #iamwellandgood



jrosenthal1030 selfie Gotta say, the 4:55am alarm is NEVER fun, and while I’ve grown accustomed to it, I don’t think I’ll ever LIKE it…however, I just always remind myself about how good I feel afterwards! Without fail, once class finishes, I feel awake, energized and happy- especially knowing I’ve helped others start their day off the same way. And for the moments when the voice in my head may STILL not be quite strong enough, I’ve got a giant Wonder Woman serving of coffee to help get me there. #iamwellandgood




Kira Stokes Instagram When I say jump, they say how high. #dreamteam #stokesfit #iamwellandgood




robynyoukilis instagram Post @soulcycle glow with my girl @evelynnkess! Find some movement your body loves and you love and you’ll be ten times more likely to show up. #pregnantglow #iamwellandgood 



undermonkeybars instagram Back to reality + back to juicing! Goodbye sugar cravings. Hello green juice. #NoFilter so this ugly shade of green shines. This is real life home juicing. Kale + carrot + lemon + orange. Bring it 2016! #iamwellandgood


thenaturalblond instagram With my yogi squad. A perfectly imperfect morning workout #littleyogis #kids #iamwellandgood



lizbarnet instagram What it REALLY looks like when you try to make almond-cashew milk at home. #spilledmilk #nutmilkbag #itsathing #iamwellandgood




nataliapetrzela instagram 1st workout of 2016 looks like THIS ?? SWEATY REALNESS #ultimateworkout w/ @tamekasmall @equinox #london ? May 2016 be filled with such #sweat + #smiles WORLDWIDE ??❤️?? #nofilterneeded #iamwellandgood



ashleynaftalyfitness on instagram Because post kickboxing pictures are never glam and never have good lighting. Work for your sweat ?? #iamwellandgood #getyourgoalon


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