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Join Lululemon (and Well+Good) and take your asana outside. It’s free.

Take your asana outsideIf you played your cards right this summer, you could almost do yoga outside every day of the week with a top New York teacher—and not pay for it. Missed out?

We’ll be in Bryant Park on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. for Salutation Nation, a free outdoor yoga class hosted by Lululemon that will take place in 70-some cities around the country at the same time.

The New York City class will be taught by Jivamukti’s Matt (Satyavira) and Dechen Thurman. Bring a yoga mat, and a friend, and we’ll see you there.

Where: The Bryant Park lawn. And in 70 other cities.

When: Saturday, August 7, 9AM-10AM (But we strongly suggest you get there early!)

No RSVP required. Just bring a yoga mat! The awesome feeling you get from practicing outside, en masse, in a New York City park is provided.