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Join us for a yoga Twitter chat with Everyday Health and Kristin McGee!

Tweet us @WellandGoodNYC with all your yoga questions and conundrums this Wednesday at 1:00-2:00.

yogaWondering why you still can’t hold a handstand after two years of trying?

Need to know the perfect yoga pose to de-stress after a day of meeting madness?

Ask us!

This Wednesday, July 25 from 1:00–2:00 p.m., we’re co-hosting a Twitter chat on Everyday Health with celeb yogi Kristin McGee.

For the chat we’ll be dishing on our yoga scene-and-studio observations, sharing the best yoga advice we’ve learned (or featured) on Well+Good, and Kristin McGee will be using her yogi expertise to answer your pose-centric questions.

Take a yoga intel break with us! Here’s how:

When: Wednesday, July 25
1:00—2:00 p.m.

Where: On Twitter! Use hashtag #HealthTalk, and tweet at @EverydayHealth, @WellandGoodNYC, and @thebendigirl

See you there!