Juicy rumors: Some healthy news to sip on

There are some fresh-pressed developments happening in the world of green drinks, juice cleanses, and smoothies.
24 Karat juice at ABC Elixir Bar
ABC's 24 Karat: carrot, apple, beet, aloe, ginger, and blue-green algae—now made by Organic Avenue

Sip on these fresh-pressed developments from the world of green drinks, juice cleanses, and smoothies—and the city obsessed with them:

ABC Elixir Bar claims their “Vitamix blenders broke” thanks to demand for their delectable fruit-and-veggie concoctions. Now the bespoke beverage menu, created by juice mixologist Brandi Kowalski, has been farmed out to juice stalwart Organic Avenue. Not a huge surprise since Jean-Georges Vongerichten told the Financial Times about his love for Organic Avenue, which is now supplying three of the chef’s restaurants.

Used to be that BluePrintCleanse juices were only available to those on an official cleanse. Either you go the whole tote or nothing at all—cause people on a cleanse certainly don’t share when that’s all they’re “eating” for three days! Now you can pick up BPC’s addictive, alkalizing Spicy Lemonade, along with their other popular juices at the Tribeca Whole Foods, anytime.

In the current Fitness issue, Time Out New York tries—and pretty much spits out—the Bowtrol Cleanse, as well as Los Angeles’ Pressed Juicery, apparently a favorite of Nicole Richie.

Liquid Pump is now available at the W. 55th Street Pump location. The juices are being blended at the 17th Street restaurant and biked up to Midtown daily, says a spokesperson, to supply office workers with something healthy at their desks (AKA lunch table).

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