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Photo: Instagram/@justinbieber

In the past, young pop star Justin Bieber may have been known for some, well, erratic behavior and perhaps too many (superfood?) cocktails. But now, according to his alleged travel rider (listing his hotel and backstage must-haves), which was just leaked on Vice, the Biebs may just be another wellness aficionado like yourself.

While on tour in India, the superstar has requested a robust list of snacks, refreshments, and accoutrements—and he has plenty of healthy items on the list (like, stuff that even I would ask for).

“Books on chakras and yoga asanas will be placed in Bieber’s suite knowing his love for yoga.”

For his (glass-door) refrigerator, Bieber wants coconut water, 24 alkaline water bottles, natural juices, and a half gallon of almond milk—plus raw, organic honey (lookin’ for a facial cleanser, Justin?) and decaffeinated herbal teas (quitting caffeine?).

Not only does the singer fancy some fruits, veggies, and hydration essentials, but Bieber wants essential oils as well, along with jasmine, mogra, rose, and camphor incense sticks. And the rider specifies: “Books on chakras and yoga asanas will be placed in Bieber’s suite knowing his love for yoga.” (Think he’s reading up on heart-strengthening to keep his “Boyfriend” cred with fans?)

And for some quality R&R, the star is flying in a special, licensed female massage therapist. Plus his hotel has a steam room—so he’s sure to get some recovery time post-performance.

Hey, if the Biebs unwinds with some vinyasa flow (plus aromatherapy) while guzzling almond milk, consider me a Belieber for life.

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