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Kate Hudson’s 3 business tips all #bossbabes can follow

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Photo: Instagram/@katehudson

There are plenty of #bossbabes in Hollywood, and Kate Hudson is definitely among their most notable ranks.

The actress co-launched her athleisure brand Fabletics in 2013, changing the activewear game by sending trendy, affordable pieces straight to your door. Now, Hudson’s sharing her business knowledge, which doubles as a map of how she’s gotten to this point in her career.

While attending an event for Bumble Bizz—the dating app’s new professional networking feature—Hudson shared some tips with Vanity Fair for success-seeking ladies. The intel is pretty intuitive, meaning you shouldn’t have huge issues implementing it sooner than later in order to propel yourself to truly triumphant heights.

Here are Kate Hudson’s 3 business tips all #bossbabes can follow.

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1. If you’re happy with your success, enjoy it

You worked hard to get where you are—so acknowledge it, take some time to practice gratitude, and enjoy the cool things you’ve done and created rather than quickly barreling forward to the next thing.

It’s okay to say “I don’t know if that’s a journey I want to take in my life because of the amount of work that goes into that,” Hudson said of expanding an already-successful venture.

Hudson said that when people find success, the effort and stress associated with expanding the concept can be debilitating. “Because [expanding is] so much work, sometimes you look at it and go, ‘I don’t know if that’s a journey I want to take in my life because of the amount of work that goes into that,'” Hudson said. And that’s totally okay.


2. Support fellow boss babes

Sure, celebrating your own accomplishments is great—but Hudson said it’s important to be supportive of your fellow high-achieving female peers too. She added that in the past, when there were fewer opportunities for women to dominate in the professional world, it was more common to be competitive than supportive. And though gender bias still totally plays a role in the work world, it’s now extra important for women to support other women, because their success is as important as yours.

“Jessica [Alba and I] talk a lot about business, because our businesses have grown very quickly. It was a learning curve for both of us. Sometimes it’s sharing experiences, like, ‘Did you ever think we’d be in this position?’ She had an idea, and it came to fruition and grew so fast—and same with me.” Hudson said. “We talk about how fast we had to rise to that challenge.”


3. Mother knows best

Is there one person you can always go to for advice? For Hudson, it’s her mom, Goldie Hawn, who often offers her daughter sage bits of wisdom.

“Whenever you’re going to point one finger out, there are always three pointing back at you.” —Goldie Hawn’s advice to Hudson

“When I first enter that moment where I recognize that it’s a challenge, the number one thing I think about is the advice my mom always instilled in me, which is whenever you’re going to point one finger out, there are always three pointing back at you,” Hudson said.

Based on her mogul-status success, it seems Hudson has taken her mama’s feisty advice to heart.

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