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Kate Hudson Work out Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@katehudson

These days, you can get your ginger shot or matcha fix to go, you can squeeze in a five-minute workout while waiting in line to stock up on cauliflower rice at Trader Joe’s (if it’s not sold out, that is)—and you can even get probiotics at the airport.

But what about a quick sauna sesh? Leave it to movie star-slash-wellness queen Kate Hudson to track down a portable way to get toasty even on her busiest, most travel-packed days.

Yesterday, the Fabletics founder took to Instagram Stories to document her time in a Therasage Portable Sauna—which is exactly what it sounds like.

Therasage Sauna Detox Kate Hudson
Photo: Instagram/@katehudson

The personal sauna (which will run you around $800) uses the celeb and wellness-junkie favorite, infrared heat technology, to emit a deep heat that is said to warm your core more efficiently (and make you sweat a lot more) than old-school saunas.

Hudson’s model of choice is, unsurprisingly, considered to be the Cadillac of personal saunas, in part because it uses tourmaline discs—semiprecious stones known for their ability to distribute heat evenly. (In the video, you could hear Hudson repeatedly asking, “Why are my feet on fire?!” to which her cohort calmly assured her, “You’re on fire, it’s not your feet.”)

Beyond the positive effects of the infrared heat, this (admittedly bulky) gadget looks like a convenient way to sneak in some self-care just about anywhere. If this catches on, look for #saunaselfies to get a lot boxier (and show a lot less skin).

If you’re looking to get a good sweat in, get the lowdown on this ultra-detoxifying sauna experience, and heed these tips for a superior sweat. And if you can’t snag a portable sauna just yet, log your next sweat session in your bathtub.