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Keep Zen this holiday season at Crunch

Crunch is giving Well+Good readers a FREE 7-day pass to try its signature Mind-Body classes, and anything else that catches your eye.

crunch bareOver the next two months, we’ll need workouts that tackle the holiday season’s pecan pie(s) and that give us a sense of peace on earth when we’re feeling anything but peaceful. (Holidays=stressful!)

Crunch classes such as Buff Yoga, Nocturnal Flow, and Anti-Gravity Yoga Wings will keep you rocking the little black dress all season long, and give you the calmness of someone not in the throes of holiday madness.

To say “Happy Holidays,” Crunch wants to gift you a FREE 7-day class pass to test all their classes. Unwrap this gift for yourself now!

And check out some of the season’s hottest mind-body classes this this slideshow…

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crunch wingsAnti-Gravity® Yoga ‘Wings’

Get long, sinewy muscles—and a chilled out perspective—while hanging peacefully in a fabric hammock. Crunch offers both a regular version (think Cirque du Soleil) and a restorative version. In both cases you’ll end up in a cocoon-like savasana.

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crunch buff yogaBuff Yoga

Think “yoga with weights” for this tough-and-cool new class designed to improve flexibility and core strength. You’ll build the strength you need to hold crow.

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crunch bareBare

This barefoot training class, created by a podiatrist, will create a strong lean body from the ground up. Exercises use your own bodyweight and lots of moves help develop balance and stability.

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crunch nocturnal yogaNocturnal Flow

The perfect class to de-stress, detoxify, and quiet your mind, Nocturnal Flow is  a Vinyasa series designed to prepare you for sleep. Only offered at night and by candlelight, all screen time is prohibited after this Zen-fest.

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Bliss spaAnd to make your Zen experience at Crunch complete, Crunch keeps their locker rooms stocked with the perennial favorite Lemon+Sage products from Bliss Spa to help keep you looking and smelling great!

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