Keke Palmer has some confidence tips? We’re listening…

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Keke Palmer’s not just your average Scream Queen. The badass star of the hit show is also a singer-songwriter (she just released a visual album titled Lauren), television personality, and posts her own V-log and makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel (which she started because she wanted to show her fans she’s just like them).

After one glance at any of her personal content, one thing’s for sure—the girl is confident.

“It’s so important to shine your light, because when you do that you really inspire people,” says Palmer in a recent video on Allure. “I want people to know that it’s about knowing who you are and how to design your life as an individual—you stand for what you can be.”

Judging by the video, Palmer clearly turns to fitness for a confidence boost—and stress relief. (Maybe she and fellow Scream Queen Lea Michele share health tips on set?)

As the star doles out words of wisdom on finding self-love, it’s clear she’s learned what’s really important when it comes to feeling confident with yourself. “People don’t tell you who you are—you tell people who you are,” she says as she throws some seriously enviable jabs with her trainer. “You create the opportunity.”

Keep reading for three inspiring lessons from Palmer on finding that self-love.
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1. Embrace your imperfections

Though you’re inundated with images of filtered-perfect celebs all the time thanks to social media, Palmer notes it’s important to be comfortable with the imperfect. “We feel pressure to be perfect all the time, to sometimes think your natural thing isn’t good enough,” says Palmer. “I still want to be able to appreciate and also congratulate what is natural and what is true and what is real.” #NoMakeup movement, anyone?


2. You’re allowed to slip up

“There are gonna be shortcomings, there are gonna be mess-ups, there’s going to be times where I’m just going to be like, forget it dude,” says Palmer. “But I had to understand and accept myself in that and say okay, that’s gonna happen—but don’t give up. All you have to do is begin.” In other words, don’t let your mistakes hold you back—learn from them, push forward, and dominate with your newfound strength.


3. Taking time to care for your body is necessary

Palmer firmly believes that engaging in your beauty rituals and finding that hour in the day to sweat it out is essential in order to achieve a healthy mindset. “Fitness and health and beauty and all those things also tie into your mental health,” says Palmer. “It just helps me to be more balanced and keeps me in the driver’s seat.” Completely relatable.

Also important in your primping ritual? Acknowledging your strength. “I can be a woman, I can be feminine—but I’m pretty powerful,” she says. Rock on.

Looking for other ways to rock that self-love? Here are five ways to ooze confidence—and professionalism—on the job. Or: try pole dancing (really!).

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