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Even if you’re not on-board the Kardashian-Jenner train, you’ve got to hand it to them for some of their wellness habits. Kourtney swears by a ketogenic diet and Manuka honey-everything, Khloe’s figured out how to order healthy at Chipotle, and Kendall has participated in the conversation surrounding mental health by opening up about her struggles with panic attacks and anxiety. Respect.

In her Vogue cover story, Jenner revisits the topic and goes into her modes of dealing with the mental health condition. Besides riding horses—like the supermodel has done since she was a kid—she has found Transcendental Meditation.

“She taught me TM, and I love it.”

“I had a lot of people in the industry say to me, ‘I know you have a busy schedule—what do you do to stay calm, cool, and collected?’” relates Jenner. “I was like, ‘Um, nothing?’ And then one day, when I was having a freak-out—I was having multiple freak-outs—I was like, OK, I’m going to try this. So I found this lady, she’s awesome, she taught me TM, and I love it.”

Jenner’s fully committed to the mindfulness practice, which involves sitting for 20 minutes twice a day while repeating a mantra—which is pretty immersive, for someone with such a full, jet-setting schedule. “I made it a point at the beginning of 2017 to consciously slow down, take more time for myself, be more selective, and not just do whatever my agents tell me to do,” says Jenner.

Since then, the model’s jumped back from feeling burned out and experiencing “debilitating anxiety and mysterious, intense neck pain.” So kudos to Kendall for keeping up with such a practice (sorry, had to).

Lucy Hale also uses meditation to deal with stress and anxiety. If you want to try it yourself, here’s a 5-minute meditation that’ll de-stress your mind.

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